Participatory Grantmaking
Design & Management

  • Grantmaking process design and management.
  • Knowledge and information systems development.
  • Trust-based philanthropy training and workshops.

Digital Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

  • Designing, implementing, and integrating efficient information systems for grant management and organizational infrastructure.
  • Software utilization training (Salesforce, Google Workspace, Office 365, etc.)
  • Implementing digital security best practices and assessing the digital security of grantee organizations.

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Race Equity & Inclusion to Action: Comprehensive programs tailored to organizations to address biases, cultural dynamics, and structures/policies for creating more equitable entities.
  • Training, workshops, and tools for fostering equity and inclusivity.

Community Engagement & Coalition Building

  • Movement Gatherings: Organizing, facilitating, and supporting various gatherings from strategic planning to coalition creation and internal staff conflict management.
  • Regranting through an equity framework to allocate resources efficiently to community-driven initiatives.
  • Project Incubation: Turning ideas into actionable projects or organizations.

Organizational Strategy & Development

  • Facilitating and streamlining organizational collaboration and coordination.
  • Budget management and allocation.
  • Organizational development services to build stronger organizations, strategic planning, program plans, and needs identification.

Research & Knowledge Sharing

  • Research Scans: Produce donor and movement-driven research identifying gaps and opportunities in the social justice ecosystem.
  • Historical analysis of grants to guide future initiatives.
  • Implementation of knowledge management tools and training on best practices.