Guiding Philosophy

Our Commitment

At Subaltern Strategies, our dedication extends beyond conventional philanthropy; we are deeply rooted in the belief that every voice deserves to be heard, and every action in philanthropy should be a stride toward a more inclusive world. We aim to reinvent and restructure philanthropic giving by actively placing marginalized voices at the helm of decision-making.

Integrity Above All: We navigate this work with unyielding integrity. Our approach, from reshaping philanthropic dynamics to empowering historically silenced communities, reflects our commitment to meaningful and transformative giving.

Selective Partnership: Our belief in creating authentic impact means that we are discerning in our partnerships. We refrain from associating with entities that are not value-aligned or whose philosophies clash with ours and the communities we passionately serve. This isn’t just about business; it’s about resonating values and shared visions for a better world.

Mutual Discovery: Our partnerships begin with understanding. Most of our clientele come to us through referrals, and before we onboard any client, we engage in a mutual interview and conduct a comprehensive needs assessment. This ensures our collaboration is founded on mutual respect, understanding, and aligned goals.

Transparent Pricing: We are devoted to serving a spectrum of organizations and donors, both big and small. Our sliding fee scale is designed to accommodate diverse financial capabilities, and we take pride in being completely transparent about how this scale works and how fees are determined.

Empowerment Through Inclusivity: Recognizing the value of diverse voices, we challenge conventional top-down models of philanthropy. Our mission is to not only distribute funds effectively but to democratize the decision-making process by centering those who have been historically marginalized.

These commitments characterize our journey in philanthropy as we relentlessly strive to create a paradigm shift in the world of giving. At Subaltern Strategies, we don’t just champion the cause; we live it every day.

Our Approach

Our work is anchored in the belief that effective philanthropy stems from deep understanding and genuine collaboration. Our approach addresses power dynamics and values the intrinsic worth of every voice, particularly those from historically marginalized communities.

Participatory Decision-Making: Our methodology prioritizes participatory decision-making models. We involve diverse cross-sections of affected community members to ensure they are not just recipients but active agents in the decision-making process. Through this, we empower communities by fostering a sense of ownership and genuine buy-in for the solutions they co-create.

Moral and Practical Alignment: Centering the voices of the affected communities is not only a moral imperative for us but also a strategic one. This approach is the most effective way to create lasting, impactful change. By doing what is right and what works well in tandem, we aim to transform the world we are giving to.

Beyond Superficial Inclusion: While some social impact organizations have attempted to amplify the voices of marginalized communities, these efforts have often been symbolic and limited to hiring practices, arising from the false premise that the inclusion of a few individuals can accurately represent the needs of entire communities. We recognize that elevating a single narrative or experience, however commendable, cannot replicate the depth and richness of a collective voice. Our approach ensures genuine inclusivity and authentic representation of community voices.

Democratic Governance: Our approach rejects traditional top-down models, advocating for a more democratic governance structure in philanthropy where responsibility and accountability are shared. True empowerment comes from collaborative, shared decision-making processes, not just mere representation.

At Subaltern Strategies, we aim to reorient philanthropy towards shared power, genuine representation, and co-created change. We are not looking to reinvent philanthropy but to create a more equitable and just world through our philanthropic efforts.